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Engineering TV: 'Rotating Rotary Engines from Doyle Rotary Engine - SAE 2012'

April 30th, 2012 by Adam | Comments

"Lee Teschler of Machine Design magazine talks with Doyle Rotary Engine about a hobby that transformed into a new idea and way of thinking about rotary engines."
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Torque News: 'Doyle Rotary Engine adds new dimension to split cycle engines at SAE World Congress'

April 30th, 2012 by Adam | Comments

"There are now more variations to the split cycle engine development than ever; and the latest is the rotary design of Lonny Doyle.

I almost passed up the Doyle Rotary Engine at SAE World Congress 2012. Fact is, I had just finished speaking with Pinnacle Engine and was heading fast toward the FEV display. Then I looked to my right, paused, then went on. After the FEV visit, I was simply drawn back to the Doyle display."
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Motor Trend: 'SAE 2012: Urban Assault Vehicles, Brabus Hybrids and More!'

April 30th, 2012 by Adam | Comments

"This year's gathering of the pocket-protected Society of Automotive Engineers proved to be quite the auto show, with more four-wheeled hardware parked on cheap carpeting than this 20-year veteran of the event can recall. There was also a bumper crop of attempts at better-mousetrap-making on the internal-combustion engine front as well. Holster your calculators and let's dive in."
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Torque News: 'Universal acceptance of split-cycle engines at SAE World Congress subject more to business models'

April 30th, 2012 by Adam | Comments

"Pick any split-cycle engine developer and the story will be the same as the major OEMs of automotive. Business models affect thinking which affect decisions and choices of technology. Here’s the latest from SAE World Congress 2012."
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DRE on energyNOW!

May 7th, 2011 by Adam | Comments

The segment about the Doyle Rotary has aired on Bloomberg News and is available online at energyNOW!. Follow the link to watch the episode.

DRE in the News

May 3rd, 2011 by Adam | Comments

The Doyle Rotary was featured alongside five other engine concepts in an article at Popular Mechanics. Go check out the article and the images. Hopefully this won't be the last time they write about the engine.

Over at The Truth About Cars a writer we met at the World Congress has written an article about my dad and the engine. He has a picture of the booth and animations of the DRE and other engines that were at the show.

The writer from The Truth About Cars has also uploaded several photos to Cars in Depth. These photos are available in 3D. If you don't have 3D glasses you can toggle to 'Cross' within the image viewer and cross your eyes to see the images in 3D. The results are very cool.

Doyle Rotary to be on TV

May 1st, 2011 by Adam | Comments

This past Wednesday, a reporter and cameraman came to our machine shop for a story energyNOW! is doing about us and the engine. It will air on the Bloomberg News channel Sunday May 8.

I am currently working on some projects of my own and my dad and brother have been busy with shop work so there hasn't been much physical progress made. However, my dad is currently spending some time each night working on the business end of the project. We are working on grant proposals and weighing the options of other sources of funding.

We really enjoy answering questions about the engine, so we'd like to thank those that have been emailing us with questions and comments since the World Congress and would like to encourage anyone else with questions to contact us.

2011 World Congress Summary

April 21st, 2011 by Adam | Comments

We went to the show hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Another engine development team even said that the SAE World Congress has started to neglect ICE technologies and has moved toward electric power (they even complained about the logo being electric-power oriented). So we tried not to go in with high hopes.

But apparently there is still room for ICE technologies. My dad and I rarely had down time (which forced us to eat our lunch in the booth) because of the response to the DRE. We are very happy with the show that SAE put on and the group of people that the World Congress attracts.

Our goal heading into the show was to show our engine to engineers from various fields and gain approval from these engineers. Our dream (which we knew was a long shot) was to attract attention from and sit down with engineers from one of the Big Three.

On Friday morning, at the request of an engineer, my dad got to present his engine to 7 engineers from an OEM. As the meeting went on, these engineers asked some tough questions but during 26 years of development my dad had considered and answered these questions along the way. We hope that the enthusiasm of this group of engineers can spread throughout their colleagues so that when we get to the next step of development (testable prototype) they are ready to hear the numbers.

My dad left the meeting with some new knowledge. The engineers gave him information about the grant application process. The tips he received during the meeting and from contact after the meeting will really help us out.

The plan: My dad is going to continue to develop the engine in his spare time with money left over from our shop. Meanwhile, we will also be applying for grants and seeking investments from venture capitalists. With $2 million of funding the Doyle Rotary could become a full time job and development would proceed at a very quick rate.

Day Three at the 2011 World Congress

April 15th, 2011 by Adam | Comments

The third and final day of the World Congress is over. Today wasn't quite as busy as the last two days. We had planned on driving into the night so that tomorrow we would have less than 20 hours of driving to do. However, earlier today an employee of an OEM from here in Detroit showed some interest in the engine and asked if we could adjust our travel plans to stay an extra night. He then began to make calls to set up a meeting for us tomorrow morning.

So tomorrow morning at 7:00am my dad will be heading to a meeting that wasn't set up until about 6 hours ago. We don't want to get into the specifics of who we are meeting with just in case they frown upon that. Perhaps tomorrow we can release some more details. Sorry about the veil of secrecy.

We aren't getting our hopes too elevated about tomorrow's meeting. My dad's plan is to explain how the engine works, the size and potential efficiencies of the engine and show the work we have done so far on our tight budget. Anything after that depends on their interest.

Casey and I will be back at the hotel with our fingers crossed hoping that my dad has a good reception.

Any way it goes, exhibiting here has been a huge success. We almost expected to hear crickets chirping while we played solitaire in our booth. But as many people told us, it seemed like we were a highlight of the show.

Day Two at the 2011 World Congress

April 13th, 2011 by Adam | Comments

A camera crew had spoke with us briefly yesterday about the engine, the progress that we have made, the future of the prototypes and about our team/family. They stopped back by today and recorded an interview with my dad. They said they are very interested in our story and would like to fly from Washington DC to Dallas to do a full story including footage of the shop, the old prototypes and more about us.

Quite often today we saw people from yesterday bringing their colleagues back with them to check the engine out. Its always interesting when the new guy asks a question and their friend can answer that question from what they learned yesterday. It goes a long way when one of them is into the engine.

A representative from the Department of Energy stopped by and ended up giving us the contact information for the team lead of the combustion engine research and development division. He recommended that we setup a meeting and pitch the engine in order to get closer to some grant money.

One question that we get very often is "So who is funding this project?" They are always surprised to hear that this is basically a family hobby that is produced and funded by my dad's machine shop. They are also often surprised to find out that this engine has been in development for 26 years and that they are only hearing about it now. But they understand after we tell them that we would have been wasting their time if we had released a flawed design to the public so we have taken the time to assure that our idea is well refined.

Even if there aren't any immediate results from the exhibit, we feel like we've made some ripples that could work their way around and help us out in the future. We are happy about how things have gone.

Day One at the 2011 World Congress

April 12th, 2011 by Adam | Comments

So day one of the World Congress is over. We did not imagine it going this well. We estimate that we spoke with at least 500 people. These people ranged from college students and media types up to head engineers from GM, Ford, Chrysler and others.

Naturally, most of the people approached with a good amount of doubt. But after explaining the concept, the basic advantages and answering some questions, most of them left on a very positive note. Many of them said they were impressed by how prepared we were to answer their questions. This preparedness can definitely be traced back to the discussions we had on the CR4 forums.

The most exciting result of the show so far is the connection we made with a Popular Mechanics writer. He seemed to really like the engine and our team (my dad, brother and I). We will be featured in a PM article next to the Scuderi Engine and the Grail Engine.

Our booth consists of one large TV looping the newest video in the back of the booth, two tvs with interactive animations that we use to quickly show the engine concept and various portions of the engine, a 2.3L full scale model, the crankshaft and cylinder assembly of the prototype that seized up and several parts from the newest prototype (including the cylinder block, pistons and rods).

In the picture of the booth, my dad is on the right and my brother Casey is on the left.

We hope that tomorrow goes as well as today.

Preparing for 2011 SAE World Congress

April 8th, 2011 by Adam | Comments

For the past few weeks we have been hard at work preparing for the 2011 SAE World Congress:

My dad has been busy building models of the engine and other structural components for the exhibit. He has built a 2.3 liter full scale model of the DRE to illustrate how the engine would be oriented and how power would be transferred to the transmission.

Dan, my roommate, has put a lot of time into the website. He used my dad's original website as a starting point and jazzed things up as he went. He is also the brains behind the interactive animation in the engine section of the website. Try it out and let us know what you think.

I have been working on the media for the show, website and proposal packages. I rendered pictures and designed the brochures and business cards. I used SolidWorks, Photoshop, and After Effects to render and modify the video. We got a voice over guy to do the narration for the video. Check the video out here or on youtube and give us some feedback.

We will leave Dallas early Sunday morning (April 10) and arrive in Detroit late that night. This will give us Monday to setup the booth and get acclimated to the settings. Then from Tuesday to Thursday we hope to be busy discussing the engine with the World Congress patrons. If you will be at the show come by and try out the interactive animation and pick up and study the components of the current prototype.

As always, feel free to email or comment with questions, comments or suggestions. We really enjoy discussing the engine with people other than ourselves.

SAE 2011 World Congress

March 31st, 2011 by Dan | Comments

Doyle Rotary will be attending the SAE world congress as an exhibitor. The SAE World Congress is an innovations show for powertrains.

We will be at booth #408